System of Royalties

In this way, the Nation nude through the Ministry of Culture offers the legal bases that support and guarantee the rights of these communities. I determine the procedures for the allocation of income from the exploitation of non-renewable resources, specifying xxxseximg nude the conditions of participation of your beneficiaries. Thanks to xxxseximg this rule, the cultural sector has another important source of funding. In the legislative act the articles and the Political Constitution are modified and the General System of Royalties is created. The Political Constitution of Colombia is modified in this regard in order to distribute resources among all regions, not only among producers who are oriented to science, technology and innovation. xxxseximg The National Royalties Fund is eliminated to achieve the unification of royalties under a general system without distinction between direct and indirect royalties and to create a saving's mechanism that encompasses the entire system. This norm determines the components, as well as the nature and types of cultural agents that intervene in the System, establish conditions and requirements for participation. Through this decree, requirements, procedures and forms nude of election of national councilors are specified, facilitating a nude framework for action at the national level. This regulation stipulates the nature as the mechanisms for calling and electing directors determines the inabilities to access as delegate as well as the specific functions of these participation instances. In this case, the composition of the Council is restructured some of xxxseximg its functions and the procedures for the election of some representatives are defined. Within the nude framework of this norm, the National System of Cultural Heritage of the Nation was created, public institutional responsibilities of the State entities and the corresponding sanctions were established. It also included the procedures for the declaration of assets of cultural interest in the country. This decree determines the mechanisms and conditions to include in the list of assets of cultural heritage different manifestations and cultural expressions of the xxxseximg country as well as raises considerations for the safeguarding of the Heritage in the Colombian territory. Through this decree, formalization measures were established for public performances, compliance with copyright and the functions of other xxxseximg entities and instances of the State in the matter. nude The National Council for Economic and Social Policy Cones is the national authority in planning and is in charge of advising the Colombian Government on those issues related to the economic and social development of the country. The documents that emerge from this instance become guidelines.